A Personal Mythology of Death

Myth and Musings

Here is an essay I wrote when struggling with the death of someone close to me.  I consider some of the great religious traditions alive today as mythological systems containing reservoirs of wisdom.  Myths are windows providing a brief glimmer onto the wondrous, numinous, and the ineffable.  And, sometimes, the briefest glimmer is enough. Developing […]

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Archetypes in Cinema


This month I am introducing guest blogger Mark Lumpkin, Ph.D.  He wrote an essay on the 1999 film 8MM (Eight Millimeter) viewing the film through an archetypal lens.  He highlights the archetype of Hermes, Persephone, and the journey to the Underworld.  He takes us step by step through the film and unpacks its mythological underpinnings.  I reproduce his introduction […]

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The Hero’s Journey – Descent

Hero's Journey

The Hero’s Journey is usually divided into four aspects: Separation, Descent, Initiation, and Return. In this commentary I will delve deeper into what the Descent looks like. The story of the Descent of Inanna exemplifies, in a poetically vivid way, the “descent” of the Hero’s Journey as presented by Christopher Vogler in The Writer’s Journey.  […]

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