Replenish the Well

Myth and Musings

Imagination is mediated by, arises out of, and/or is informed by the psyche.  It is difficult to separate imagination, creativity, and the psyche.  In fact, C. G. Jung stated that psyche is image. In her book, “The Artist’s Way,” Julia Cameron reminds the creative person (who is all of us) to nurture the imagination; tend it; give it […]

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The Hero’s Journey – Initiation

Hero's Journey

According to Joseph Campbell the Hero’s Journey is a magnification of the rites of passage. For Campbell this was a three-part process: separation, initiation, and return.  Christopher Vogler broke down this structure into a four-part process: separation, descent, initiation, and return. To overlook the significance of “initiation” may be to defuse the potency of the schema. […]

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