The Hero’s Journey

Hero's Journey

Here is a primitive diagram of the Hero’s Journey. Basically, it follows Aristotle’s story design of Beginning, Middle, and End. For writers, this structure also mirrors the 3-Act play, where both the “Descent” and the “Initiation” make up the middle act. The Ordinary World isn’t necessarily “ordinary”. What is meant by the term “ordinary” is […]

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Numinous and the Numinosum

Myth and Musings

I have been asked to explain the word “numinosum.” So, here goes: My attraction to myth is many layered.  One of these layers is simply because myths are great stories.  Also, they typically contain pearls of wisdom. They are mirrors reflecting the human condition.  And, I could go on.  However, for the purposes of this commentary, let me say that I […]

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