Replenish the Well

Imagination is mediated by, arises out of, and/or is informed by the psyche.  It is difficult to separate imagination, creativity, and the psyche.  In fact, C. G. Jung stated that psyche is image.

In her book, “The Artist’s Way,” Julia Cameron reminds the creative person (who is all of us) to nurture the imagination; tend it; give it space to play; take it on a date.  When you have need to dip into the well of your imagination, ensure that it is not empty and you don’t hit a dry rock bottom.

In reading “Philosophies of India” by Heinrich Zimmer, I couldn’t help but notice the Indian mythologies teem with images: literary, visual, poetic. It occurs to me the expanse of the images of Indian mythology is as broad as the subcontinent of India itself, which supports these rich mythologies.

By delving into mythology you may hit the mother lode of images.

I do not want to “should” on you (see Friedrich Nietzsche’s book, “Thus Spake Zarathustra” in the chapter titled “The Three Metamorphoses”, i.e. kill the dragon “thou shalt.”).  However, you might consider: “Your mission, if you choose to accept it:” 

Replenish your well.

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