Trees in Season

We are in a season where many people decorate trees; inside and outside; evergreen and deciduous. I suspect the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, would approve of this ornamentation of trees and how it brings a unique form of beauty into our homes.

Trees also have a way of opening a doorway into wonderment.  For example, in the Grimms’ fairy tales, it is interesting to note that the forest is rarely enchanted even though enchantment often takes places there.  According to Jack Zipes, the forest allows for enchantment and disenchantment. (see his book, The Brothers Grimm for more on this notion.)

As a youngster redwood trees were my playmates. The redwood forest that I played in allowed quite a bit of “enchantment” for me.  Now as an adult, I still find myself in awe of their stately stance. I have been among those grand trees that were alive on this earth at the very first Christmas.  I feel as if there is great wisdom hidden within them. I can’t imagine anyone who would walk among their magnificence and not experience a sense of wonder.

Trees also are corporeal examples of “verticality” and “immensity.” (For more on this notions see: Air and Dreams and The Flame of a Candle by Gaston Bachelard.) Segments of the forested region of the Pacific Northwest are so extensive that it is like an unbroken view of the ocean, a seemingly endless expanse of these dignified sentinels; miles and miles of redwood, blue spruce, Sitka spruce, Douglas fir, hemlock, western red cedar, ponderosa pine and others.  All of these trees are stunning illustrations of both verticality and immensity.  The Great Trees are music that sings to me.

Trees touch a deep place within me. They are poems of my soul. At this festive time of year, the connection between Soul and Beauty can be felt through the ornamented trees and my soulful reaction to this delightful sight.

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